felt like throwing together an outdoors scene after having been drawing a dark party for so long (background referenced from one of my own photos.)  I love Boston in the summer!!

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Velanna is a pretty A+ character because rarely in fiction do we ever get a woman who is legitimately angry about a lot of things that have happened to her and to others like her, and is allowed to own her anger and have it be part of her identity as a character. I would call her actions terrible but realistic in the context of Dalish-versus-humans--and even Nathaniel will defend her, saying he might have done the same if something like what happened to Seranni happened to his sister Delilah.


First, thank you for sending me this! I appreciate it. =D

I actually don’t have a problem with her reprehensible actions! Or her anger. I mean, I love Anders to bits and he has both in spades.

What I’m missing with Velanna and why I can’t manage to like her is that I cannot see anything beyond her anger. Nothing that endears her to me as a person. And I have a hard time caring about her anger/hate if the game doesn’t give me anything to make me care about her as a person.

That little comic I linked makes me want to try because for someone so uptight? (maybe?) and prideful it’s a cute and awkward interaction with a friend. <3 It’s adorable. I like that. Right now I have a hard time imagining her in many actual positive interactions— which would make her feel more well rounded and in turn also her anger.

As far as I remember, canon really… didn’t give us much of anything. Perhaps flirting with Nathaniel if you squint a lot. That’s why I’d love to hear some more… personable headcanons, if anyone has them. Something sweet, something awkward— anything beyond HATE, really.

First off, I’d just ask if you did all of her conversations/gifts? Especially the ones about writing new stories for the Dalish/giving her the blank journal, because that’s one of the most positive interactions you can have with her and it clearly shows you where her values lie and what her dreams for the future are.

I’d also ask if you got her banters with Sigrun, because they’re cute as hell. (And of course her banters with Nathaniel because I’m a filthy shipper, but those are the DEFINITION of sweet and awkward.)

Then I’d tell you to read this fic by coppermarigolds. And then all of her others, because she is The Best.

The thing about Velanna is that she has a lot of pride and love for her family and her culture, but she doesn’t love herself. She has no regard for self-preservation, she doesn’t seem to believe herself worthy of love, but she fights for the people she cares about anyway. And then everything she loves is taken away from her, and all that’s left is Velanna, alone. I think she’s a person who’s trying to figure out her value outside of being Dalish, because up til now I think that and her magic are the only things she’s had any real cause to be proud of. As the Warden-Commander you get to show her the value of writing your own story, and slowly coax her into looking at the world outside of her clan, to the point where she would become the type of person to lay her life on the line to protect a human village.





for whatever reason I am oddly invested in Merrill hanging out with Isabela on her pirate ship post-DA2

i had this whole lengthy AU going on in my head for awhile where isabela was all pirating and merrill and fenris were BOTH her first mates and they FOUGHT ON LAND AND SEA and….. i don’t even remember if there was a plot it was just an excuse for everyone to take their clothes off i guess

tbh I’d prefer if Fenris stayed as far away from that biz as possible but I’m down with first mate Merrill

for whatever reason I am oddly invested in Merrill hanging out with Isabela on her pirate ship post-DA2

I know that you've been busy with other games, so it's cool if you don't answer this or it takes a while, but I was wondering what you thought of a novel/manga called Persona x Detective: Naoto? Because of reasons.

I remember seeing the pics when it was announced, but I never read it— is there a translation or anything around?? I never even bothered to look tbh, oops.

So, not having read it, basically my only impression of it is calling bullshit on Naoto being able to grow three feet of hair over the course of a year. THAT SHIT TOOK ME TEN YEARS, ATLUS.




leaps into the trash

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There’s no one in Kirkwall I wouldn’t kill to see mages free.” WHAT A GUY




My dream body is Samus Aran:

- 6’ 3”

- 198 lbs

- can kick your ass 100% of the time

Those are incorrect measures.

Nintendo of America did said that those are official measurements, but only Nintendo of Japan has autoritation to declare what is it and what not.

Samus is likely about 5’8” - 5’10”, also, Samus’s measurements are 106-60-90 (41.7” bust, 24” waist, 35.5” hips). That’s according to graphics artist Hiroyuki Kimura, the principal artist of Super Metroid.